The Southport Trading Company

The Southport Trading Company, a growing coalition of mutually invested merchants seeking to expand trade routes and increase the overall wealth of southport and share owners.

Lady Petra de Basir is the owner of the Southport Trading Company. She is prominent in the merchant guild known as the Golden Alliance. She is a human Aristocrat of House Basir (house seat: Outport) with high rank in the merchant profession. She has considerable personal wealth, being noble born and of a mercantile background. She has a large personal holding in the country outside Southport, a villa that includes vineyards and orchards, and a lumber-producing holding up the Taim River just outside the reach of Evergrove. Her consort Bartholomew has given her twin daughters Alycia and Trysta. The twins are preparing for their double debutante ball this year and are the talk of Southport.

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