It is mostly functioning as a sort of trade hub with more warehouse space then housing space. It is the only port city on the entire western half of the continent and makes a good profit from that monopoly.

Local History
Noteworthy Businesses
– Taverns
– – Sails of Glory – A full-service tavern built near the warves.
– – The Wyvern’s Rest, an old, old tavern which has seen better days. Much of the mortar has been replaced by straw stuffed into the cracks of the walls, and none of the chairs, tables, or benches come from the same set, but most of the stools from a purchase ten years ago are still there. The legend is that a great warrior had tamed a wyvern into his mount, and when he had gotten too old and his mount had passed away, he used the bones of his wyvern in the foundation and structure of the building and retired, becoming a tavern-keeper.
– – Défi et Honneur: When the great vice-admiral Comte François Comte Jean-Baptiste d’Estaing retired, the West Harbor navy saluted his legendary career by decommissioning his flagship, the war galleon Défi et Honneur (Defiance and Honor), and giving it a permanent berth in the harbor, where it was converted into the tavern the beloved admiral had always dreamed of opening. Although the naval hero has since passed into memory, his heirs continue to run the unique establishment.

Fishing Boat Lucky Breeze of West Harbor is not a typical fishing boat. Its captain earns his living harpooning the soarwhales that inhabit the clouds high above the west coast of M’Kal. In order to avoid the paralyzing gas that soarwhales use to defend themselves, the vessel has to be fast and nimble. Dexterity alone is not always enough–the ship is named for a strong gust of wind that happened to blow the captain out of the way of a soarwhale’s defenses. It is not a large ship, only caravel-sized, but an extraplanar cargo hull allows it to carry plenty of the soarwhale gas glands, which command a high price on the alchemical market. The ship is currently in need of repairs, but the captain has not been able to find the arcane shipbuilder who used to service his whalehunting airship in West Harbor (he seems to have disappeared).

Crew of Lucky Breeze fishing boat (West Harbor): Mostly avariel, with some fey and anthropomorphic birds. The few unwinged crew members are looked upon as oddities, and wear a form of parachute while the ship is flying. The captain, Laucian Dalanthan, is an avariel ranger. He has thick toned arms and a broad chest. He is dressed in earthy colors with a black and white sash worn on his waist. His hair is silver, silky, and of moderate length. He has amber eyes. His wings are mostly white, with black-barred tips on the primary feathers. Laucian is happy with his job as a captain, but he has a hard time showing it; he believes that if he is ever easy on his crew of avarial, he will lose their respect. He seems to have a critical eye for everything his crew does, but often gives his orders and criticisms with a half-hearted gruff. His crewmen are loyal and love him like a blowhard uncle.

6 Create a Ferryboat in a location of your choosing. Ferryboat, West Harbor: The Tide Is High Proprietor: TBD Location: Based at a dock on the east bank of the mouth of the River Yarth, where it empties into the Western Sea, at the regional capital of West Harbor. Description: The Tide Is High was named for a sea shanty that the proprietor heard the same day the ferryboat was completed. Due to the strong currents at the mouth of the River Yarth, the boat is not tethered to a cable or rope, but crosses the river’s mouth under wind and oar power. It is a large three-masted vessel with one bank of fifteen oars, and two rowers to each oar.

19 Create a street vendor Street Vendor, West Harbor: Tool Helper Proprietor: TBD Location: In a mercantile quarter, in a square crowded with sailors, shoppers, crafters, and laborers. Description: The vendor sells tools associated with most skills. The shop carries average and masterwork versions of most skill tools, and even some magically enchanted finds, though these rarely have more than a +1 enhancement bonus. Specials: tools related to seafaring have a 15% discount, including tools related to Balance, Climbing, Spot, Swim, Use Rope, Craft (shipbuilding), and Profession (sailor).
Local Economy
Northworthy Organizations
Local points of interest
Notable Individuals
Diplomatic Relations
Local Government
Local Rumors

Major Temples:
Haela Brightaxe,

Minor Temples
Clangeddin Truesilver
Haela Brightaxe
Thard Harr

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