White Roost

13 Choose the form of government for Whiteroost
Whiteroost is ruled by a Champion, known as the Altdrache, who proves his primacy in the Weissmanege, an arena for gladiatorial competitions. Any creature with white dragon blood may challenge the current champion to a duel. A call for challengers goes out at the beginning of every Weissmanege tourney.

The Altdrache has the power to wage war, judge prisoners, distribute spoils of war, and defend the realm. He or she has no administrative power. All administrative matters are handled by a bureaucracy of ministers and clerks, who must pass competency examinations to advance in position. The gatekeeper for bureaucratic entry level positions is the Geistmaßstab, which also controls the realm’s educational system.

Local History
Noteworthy Businesses
– Taverns
– – The broken Pint
– – Everyday is Spring is a favorite haunt for citizens of White Roost who yearn for warmer weather in this unnaturally snowy region. It is decorated in cheerful colors, with murals of flowers, birds, young animals and beasts, and other springtime sights on the walls. The sign outside the door features a daisy in bloom.
– – “The Usual Place” – minimal common space, lots of private booths
Local Economy
Northworthy Organizations
Local points of interest
Notable Individuals
Diplomatic Relations
Local Government
Local Rumors

Major Temple:
White Tower of Bahamut

Minor Temples
Red Knight

Ranchero: farming town with a lot of livestock, and metallurgy
Westport Village: Port Town
Whitewater: Port Town

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