Dunsorrow (5 days south of Yarptice, on the border with Glitter Tower)
The Silver Tankard

Proprietor: Lars Halstead (human)

Good rates for food and meals per day; those with decent perform skills may be able to get hired on as entertainment.
The Boar’s Wife

Proprietor: Nips the Button (gnome)

Poor and common meals available, but usually only poor rooms left. Usually a rough crowd, plenty of gambling.

Seed A Quasi-deity in the world.
(home: the woods east of Dunsorrow, Yarptice region)
Garanel-sil is a half-fey seelie construct of divine heritage. Their father is Oberon, fey deity of the high seelie court. One night while Oberon slept, Oberon’s consort, Tatiana, ever mischievous, collected some of his seed in a clay bowl. She then mixed the seed with clay, and formed it into an humanoid shape. When the full moon touched the homunculus, they came to life.
Tatiana reared the homunculus in secret, hiding them from their father, nursing them with her own milk. Under her tutelage and guidance, the construct slowly grew into a fully adult size and shape. They also grew mentally like a living creature, gradually achieving self-awareness. Tatiana taught them to speak and to work the magics common to the fey. She named them Garanel-sil, a name both masculine and feminine in the sylvan tongue, and allowed them to pick their own gender.(edited)
But they declined, choosing to remain an enigma. They were graceful and beautiful of face, with long flowing hair, but also a muscular build, and broad of both hips and shoulders. Their skin appeared mortal, rather than clay, but they had unusual immunities and powers, which bespoke an unnatural origin, and which Tatiana warned them they must keep secret. When Garanel-sil asked Tatiana who their father was (they called her “mother”), she replied that they were born of moonbeams on riverstones.
At last, when they had achieved mastery of the charms and enchantments of the fey, Tatiana decided to introduce them to the seelie court.
As many know, the seelie court are a jealous and a discerning lot. The newcomer had an otherworldly air that made many suspicious, and this sparked debates over whether they should be admitted. For none but the pure fey were permitted in the court, and some guessed that Garanel-sil might be half-divine, but what their other half could be, none guessed.
Rumors began to spread that they were a secret offspring of Oberon himself, who bore an unmistakable resemblance to the fine-featured youth. Hearing whispers of the rumors, Oberon confronted Tatiana. Tearfully, she admitted her scheme, and begged Oberon to have mercy on his child. Oberon was moved to pity, and as penance he made Tatiana give the youth nine drops of her own blood, which he mixed with thirteen of his own. These he mixed in a clay slurry and spread the elixir over the skin of his child, weaving it with spells of protection and regeneration.
Then, embracing his child but once, Oberon banished Garanel-sil from the seelie court, decreeing that as a half-breed, he would never again be admitted to his father’s company. Disheartened and confused, the youth left that hallowed land, and wandered in the midnight forest until they came to the boundary of the fey lands, and crossed into the mundane wildlands. There, they eventually came upon a ranger’s cottage near the woodland border. This was their first contact with non-fey of many, and the ranger’s shifting glances and tense shoulders told the youth in unmistakable terms that they were not going to find acceptance here either.
After a brief period of wandering among farmlands and small settlements, Garanel-sil found another forest far from the crossroads of their parents’ woods. There, Garanel-sil slowly gathered around them other half-fey, making a community, a court perhaps, though not so grand, of others who too were deemed unworthy of the seelie standards. Their followers revere the child of Oberon (though none know them by such a title) as something both odd and awesome, clearly beyond the typical fey, but not quite divine. They have kept their true nature private, and only give an enigmatic smile when their followers try to guess at their hidden past.

3 Create a Tavern in a settlement of your choice. A Major settlement may not have more than 3 taverns, a small settlement may not have more than 1 tavern. Dunsorrow gets The Tipsy Tarrasque, a tavern run by a retired adventurer party consisting of a Moon Elf Bard, a Dwarf Wizard who became the brewer, and a human fighter with a golem arm.

9 Create a general store in a settlement of your choosing No more than 3 to a city, no more than 1 to a small settlement. Dunsorrow also get’s Wal-Mart

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