The Aristocrats at the Ice Capades

The world as you know it follows current world history. ISIS rampages through the middle east, Trump is president, etc. The one difference is a small subset of individuals gain that reality refining spark. However, even with these abilities they don’t manage to change the course of history from what we know today.

Other supernatural could very well exist. Vampires, werewolves, fay, etc, but you haven’t met any. Those who trained you believed in their existence, but likewise hadn’t met any to confirm. After all, you are a mage, makes some degree of sense that other supernaturals exist. The technocracy however is too embedded. It exists based on the flow of belief, but proving or finding a single agent has gotten nowhere. There are no street chases with men in gray, no medical exams that come with a smirk as the progenitor offers you a deal if you would work for them.

Rule Changes
Can be an apprentice if desired, or a post-apprentice (default mage character)
Can freely communicate about taken spheres

Enochian- language, provides situational bonuses, not OoH rules for it as a skill
Merits/Flaws- as much or as little as you want
Background- 2 points only, no freebies
“templates”- finding how to make a vampire/mage/mummy with gnosis points = No.

Linguistics: you gain extra languages at 2^[rank], for example, rank 3 gives 8 extra languages. This is due to the number of languages on earth, and current records
Willpower: when dealing with willpower for difficulty (mind magic for example), I will use your TEMPORARY willpower. Been spending willpower for those successes? Your mind is as a result weaker from the strain, and you are more likely to get swizzle sticked.
Initiative: Wits + alertness
Starting mage is 6+favored for spheres

Sphere Shields: Vary by sphere, but a forces shield for example, takes 2 to begin the effect, then further success counts as effective extra health levels. Ex: Force shield, 5 success, and someone shoots you with a gun. If they have 7 success on their damage roll, then you would only take 4 pre-soak.
Arete gain: You first need to establish the character fully to me. Desires, dreams, goals, faults, etc. When you desire an increased arete I will arrange a block of time to be on IM/available in person/email/something, and you will begin a true seeking. It does not cost you XP to gain Arete as a result. I will have you write up a sort of experience diary on it, where you reflect on what you saw and did. An increased arete means you gained some deep personal understanding, show it. Also remember…your avatar is not necessarily your friend, and knows everything about you.

Dice: Several things.
1) A 10 is 2 successes. a 1 is still -1 success, and subtract from the 2 from a 10 seperately )(7,8,10,1 difficulty 7 would net you 3 successes)
2) Rolling 3 7s, and 3 6s is dangerous. You are attracting the attention of spirits from upper and lower umbra. Namely, Angels and Demons. Each character is going to have a specific one who will be interested in YOU for their own reasons. Each time you roll triple 7s, you will get a manifestation from the same angel. Roll triple 6s, and you will always have the same demon’s attention.

Blue Booking: Yes yes yes. Want to expand an aspect of your character’s background that you glossed over previously? You are welcome to it. For your writing, there are benefits. This may range from a dot in something, to difficulty modifiers, to straight XP. There is a limitation to how much you can submit to me, and I begin picking which I read and evaluate. I am thinking something like once or twice a week you may submit something for bluebooking.

Paradox: You do not bleed paradox off over time. It stays with you until you either a) accumulate enough for me to roll backlash, or b) you request to remove a value from the pool in the form of Paradox flaws (temporary) in whatever values you wish.
More to come as I think of them

Soak: Mages can roll soak against aggravated. Consider all aggravated to be such, unless stated otherwise. Magic cast directly at you allows you to counter the attack. Prime 2, or the sphere used against you is needed to counter, and is an arete roll to counter.

I am not going to differentiate between Bashing and Lethal. It will matter for such things as taking someone hostage, but in general, it will not. Just pay attention to how much you have taken, and what modifier that imposes.

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