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Metagaming, Metagaming, Metagaming.

What is metagaming first off? Metagaming is the use of information your character has not gained, and has not been exposed to, to alter the way you play your character. Of course much of that information is contextual depending on setting and your personal background. If your father was a career guardsman in a dwarven […]

The characters we loved, the characters we lost

Roleplaying games are a great deal of fun, are they not? All the power gaming, twinking, and gimmick builds that are so hilariously fun to think about, but end up dying out as soon as you get your next pack of Mountain Dew to fuel your ADHD thinking machine. But we don’t care about those […]


So you want to support the community but you are unsure how? Let’s provide a few options. First, and most obvious, is to recruit your friends. This obviously works best if you are in a party that has open slots, but with some luck and charm they may make new friends here and branch out […]

Point table chances

When I first launched this world it was not ready to be launched. But I had lost a big ambitious game because during the time I was homeless for a few months a few of the players just up and disappeared..(lights a candle for Vasa.) So, I launched M’kal largely unready to make it up […]

Encounter Building

Especially when dealing with a party of mixed levels as can occur with a West March style adventure, encounters are daunting for a GM. The Challenge Rating system assumes a balanced party of 4 players at the same level. Often, it seemingly does not fully account for special abilities, or specializations that the players may […]

Morrowind Multiplayer

Would you actually be interested in playing Multiplayer Morrowind? While talking to someone today they mentioned that the Morrowind Multiplayer mods have come far enough that it’s legit possible to run a server with dozens of players. This has gotten me far more excited than I have been about video games in many years. See? […]

Tracey’s Reading List

The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History by Howard Bloom – This book describes how selfishness, deception, violence and other “evil” traits have a biological advantage, and then explores how those traits helped shape culture and history. Allows DMs to flesh out races and monsters with realistic/reasonable explanations for creatures and […]

Helen’s Recommended Reading List

Small Gods- Terry Pratchett Useful for its perspective on the nature of the relationship between man and god, which is a core part of many D&D stories. Also damned funny. Guards! Guards!- Terry Pratchett Full of analyses of the cliches and tropes of classic fantasy stories- and thus provides an engaging framework for how to […]

Book Suggestions by Sarah

Good Omens What is the nature of those who follow the path of good and evil? How does prophecy actually play into the world around you? From a perspective of long ago, how might the future be seen? How can you as a GM write vague but useful prophecies. And some nature vs nurture and […]

Book Recommendations, by Camber

Book Recommendations, by Camber Note, In most cases, I’ve recommended the first book in a series where I would recommend the entire series. 1. Sanderson, Brandon. The Way of Kings. Epic in scope. The first of a series that promises to be one of the best of all time. One of the best examples of […]

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