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Tracey’s Reading List

The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History by Howard Bloom – This book describes how selfishness, deception, violence and other “evil” traits have a biological advantage, and then explores how those traits helped shape culture and history. Allows DMs to flesh out races and monsters with realistic/reasonable explanations for creatures and […]

Helen’s Recommended Reading List

Small Gods- Terry Pratchett Useful for its perspective on the nature of the relationship between man and god, which is a core part of many D&D stories. Also damned funny. Guards! Guards!- Terry Pratchett Full of analyses of the cliches and tropes of classic fantasy stories- and thus provides an engaging framework for how to […]

Book Suggestions by Sarah

Good Omens What is the nature of those who follow the path of good and evil? How does prophecy actually play into the world around you? From a perspective of long ago, how might the future be seen? How can you as a GM write vague but useful prophecies. And some nature vs nurture and […]

Book Recommendations, by Camber

Book Recommendations, by Camber Note, In most cases, I’ve recommended the first book in a series where I would recommend the entire series. 1. Sanderson, Brandon. The Way of Kings. Epic in scope. The first of a series that promises to be one of the best of all time. One of the best examples of […]

The unholiest of matrimonies

The rain had been falling for weeks at Sithus Castle. The constant downpour made the ground turn into an almost liquid surface of mud and gravel. The moss that clung to the stonework of the castle smelt of death and decay. Lightning painted the sky like a gnarled hand grasping for the highest tower. The […]

Re-invasion of board game pieces

Re-invasion of……board game pieces? Outside of each and every one of the 50 cities in M’Kal there is a battle taking place between, of all things, Chess Pieces. There are nine teams of these chess pieces. Each team is a complete set to begin with. These creatures are, by their own claims, the original owners […]


LOOT! We all love loot right? But how does loot work? There are eight schools of thought(That I know of) on handing out loot; micro-preplanning, pre-rolling, delayed micro-preplanning, delayed pre-rolling, deadlining, and destiny drops, Vidya game loot sploders, and what’s up my butt? Micro-preplanning is the school of thought for DMs that are strict on […]

Path to the Divine

For those planning to bring their characters far enough to become divine beings, to become deities, you may wish to know of this. Rank 0: Quasi-Diety Typically the results of having one deity parent and one mortal parent Levels are as PC Will have an extra +10 in 1-3 stats depending up their parent diety […]

Some flaw inspiration

So, one of our players took a flaw from dandwiki that was more debilitating than flaw rules says it should be. So they wanted to change their flaw. I agreed, but they had to ‘pay’ for it by coming up with a list of 10 flaws we could put here for inspiration to others. These […]

Knight of the Golden Dragon

A class I worked on a long time ago. This was intended to be available only to those that serve as the elites of the Empress. I ended up getting depressed how little interest there was in being one of the Empress’s elites so I never did finish the class. Chances are these days the […]

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