Choose your own adventure, that’s what we do on this page. Below you will see a growing list of stories split into a couple of different categories. The first is M’Kal which is the specific home setting we used here. The second is Forgotten Realms. The third is general D&D. I am sure there will be more categories in the future, but that is it for now.


Forgotten Realms

General D&D

For those that wish to be an author and write stories, there are a few things to consider.
1. I need to know from the very beginning of your story if it will be family-friendly, or adult content. We have some minors amongst our players so I will need to put age gates in place.
2. You need to decide if you want your stories to be free or if you would like to be paid for them, in tokens. If you wish to be paid then the story will be beyond a paywall for everyone. They will then have to pay tokens to unlock it, A portion of which you will get.
3. You need to decide if you want your story to be public or private. Public means anybody can add a chapter to it. Private means only you can.\
4. Each Submission must fall between 300 words and 2,500 words.
5. Each submission should end with 3 story branches coming off of it.

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