Bitting Hattchet

A pointed hand ax style hatched, this bladed weapon is meant to puncture through stiff armors and materials. The head of this ax is nonstandard or curved at all with two straight edges that come to an apex at the center of the striking edge where the crest of a curved ax would rest. This creates a wide bill on both the top and the bottom of the ax head’s profile, each curving outwards and up to the point of each straight blade edge. The rear of the head profile of this ax is blunt and slightly weighted for more power, the handle of the ax with a body that sweeps back slightly towards the forearm of the user creating a greater swing distance in the same stride. Ultimately, this weapon is more of a tool for penetration of armored opponents.

Bitting Hattchet
Cost: 8gp
Damage: 1d8
Critical: x3
Range: None
Weight: 4 Lbs
Type: Piercing/Slashing

Contributed by Lynx

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