Free to play guide

Before we get into this guide, I would like to suggest you strongly consider spending a bit of money into this game. As a free account, there is an annoying restriction on the amount of money you can have, and you are limited to only a few auction house slots. Spending money on the game once permanently upgrades your account to premium which removed the coin cap, gives you a couple extra character slots, and raises your auction house slot count to 40. So if you spend the $8 for 600 points, buy the starter pack, buy one month of VIP, or buy any of the expansion packs, you get the stuff you paid for plus permanent premium level on your account.

This guide is going to assume a few things. It shall assume you are running all quests on elite, then move on. The purpose for this assumption is that it is the strategy that gives the least total experience but gives the most experience per minute. So by that rule, this guide should be undershooting your experience every step of the way if you deviate from it at all. This guide will assume you are not doing Reaper. If you are, that’s great, and you will gain some nice bonuses from doing so, and it may even make things more fun for you. But it really does nothing to contribute to making the game cost less. Lastly, I am going to assume you at least paid the $8 for the 600 points. You don’t need to do this early on so you can try the game before you buy in. Getting the $8 is easier than trying to justify not having the $8 would be.

With much of that out of the way, let us move on to level 1.

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