Level 1

Ideally you, nor anybody in your party, should not exceed level 3 until everything on this page is complete. The favor is far more important than experience according to the purpose of this guide. However if you are running with somebody whom is on their second or third life experience becomes far more valuable. Anybody that is beyond the suggested level will result in dramatically reducing experience gained from the quests.

The Grotto:
This is the tutorial quest, you can skip it on future characters but your first it’s mandatory. Smash every crate you come across.
New Experience: 960
Total Experience: 960
New Favor: 0
Total Favor: 0
New TP: 0
Total TP: 600

Heyton’s Rest:
Destroy the altars before the corpse on it gets raised. Destroy all the containers and sarcophagi. Finishing this on elite will give you 6 favor. A one time bonus of 50 TP is granted on a PER SERVER basis for having reached 5 favor.
New Experience: 1,223
Total Experience: 2,183
New Favor: 6
Total Favor: 6
New TP: 50
Total TP: 650

The Storehouse’s Secret:
Once again, smash everything.
New Experience: 654
Total Experience: 2,837
New Favor: 6
Total Favor: 12
New TP: 0
Total TP: 650

The Cannith Crystal:
Nothing of note.
New Experience: 695
Total Experience: 3532
New Favor: 6
Total Favor: 18
New TP: 0
Total TP: 650

The Collaborator:
Even after you beat the “boss” of the dungeon, another named Suhaugin will spawn. Kill it for more experience.
New Experience: 2538
Total Experience: 6070
New Favor: 12
Total Favor: 30
New TP: 25
Total TP: 675

You may now level up to 2 if you wish, it’s a good idea to do so.

Necromancer’s Doom:
This is the smallest quest in the area, taking it first means your elite streak will be maxed out for all the other much larger quests.
New Experience: 1110
Total Experience: 7180
New Favor: 6
Total Favor: 36
New TP: 0
Total TP: 675

Stopping the Sahuagin:
Break everything, bring someone to find doors and disable traps if possible.
New Experience: 2166
Total Experience: 9346
New Favor: 9
Total Favor: 45
New TP: 0
Total TP: 675

Nothing of note
New Experience: 2216
Total Experience: 11562
New Favor: 9
Total Favor: 54
New TP: 25
Total TP: 700

Talk to all prisoners, and get the skeleton from over the pathway.
New Experience: 2323
Total Experience: 13885
New Favor: 9
Total Favor: 63
New TP: 25
Total TP: 700

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