Tips, Tricks and Cheats

(Almost) Never take A hit!
Sidestep to avoid being hit. If you are in an area that is not A single wide hallway you can sidestep to literally cheat the system. Attack your opponent, then sidestep. They will follow you with a small delay of a couple seconds. You can then do so immediately again to avoid their attack. Keep doing this until your own attacks recharge then simply attack and repeat.

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  1. Zavi says:

    Kenku ‘exploit’ – in a level where you find Kenku, they respawn infinitely. It’s a good place to get XP – but watch out! Kenku can cast Magic Missile at you! One of the methods of dealing with them is putting two Mages at the front of the party and cast Shield with both. They will be immune to the spell and you can pelt the birdmen with arrows, stones and other projectiles to your heart’s content!

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