11 Gold
21d4+1 Gold
3Create a saint from Outport1 Gold
4create a myth local to Outport
5Create a natural hazard near Outport
6Kaorti Buckler
7+4 Tome of Appraise
8+4 Tome of Balance
9Create a minor wondrous item to be spawned in a location of your choice
10+1 Nightscale Buckler
11+3 decipher script
12+3 Craft: Basket Weaving Tome
13Kaorti Resin Buckler
14Masterwork Kaorti Resin Buckler
15Wand of Detect Magic CL6
16Wand of Detect Magic CL8
17Wand of Detect Magic CL9
18Eternal Cure Light Wounds potion(2/day)
19+3 Craft: Bookbinding Tome
20+4 Craft: Bookbinding Tome
+3 Craft: Bowmaking tome
+4 Craft: Bowmaking tome
+3 Craft: Blacksmithng Tome
+4 Craft: Blacksmithng Tome
+3 Craft: Calligraphy Tome
+4 Craft: Calligraphy Tome
+3 Craft: Carpentry Tome
+4 Craft: Carpentry Tome
Sentira Buckler
Masterwork Shell Buckler
+1 Shell Buckler
Masterwork Stone Buckler
+1 Stone Buckler
Masterwork Urdrukar Buckler
+1 Urdrukar Buckler
Masterwork Wildwood Buckler
+1 Wildwood Buckler
Bluewood Buckler
Masterwork Bluewood Buckler
Crystal Buckler
Masterwork Crystal Buckler
+3 Craft: Cobbling Tome
+4 Craft: Cobbling Tome
+3 Craft: Gemcutting Tome
+4 Craft: Gemcutting Tome
Dwarvencraft Buckler
Masterwork Dwarvencraft Buckler
Masterwork Forestwarden Shroud Buckler
Masterwork Fyrite Buckler
+1 Fyrite Buckler
Masterwork Lead Buckler
+1 Lead Buckler
+3 Craft: Leatherworking Tome
+4 Craft: Leatherworking Tome
+3 Craft Locksmithing Tome
+4 Craft Locksmithing Tome
+3 Craft: Painting tome
+4 Craft: Painting tome
+3 Craft: Pottery Tome
+4 Craft: Pottery Tome
+3 Craft: Sculpting Tome
+4 Craft: Sculpting Tome
Masterwork Livewood Buckler
+1 Livewood Buckler
Masterwork Obdurium Buckler
+1 Obdurium Buckler
Wand of Light CL6
Wand of Light CL7
Wand of Light CL8
Wand of Light CL9
Wand of Light CL10
Masterwork Pure Ore Buckler
+1 Pure Ore Buckler
Masterwork Red Steel Buckler
+1 Red Steel Buckler
Masterwork Soarwood Buckler
+1 Soarwood Buckler
Create a leader in the settlement of your choiceGovernment must have already been created here. Government type must allow for the leader you are creating.
Create an export in a settlement of your choiceLimit of 3 exports to major settlements, 1 to minor settlements.
+3 Tome of Craft: Ship Making
+4 Tome of Craft: Ship Making
+3Tome of Craft: Stonemasonry
+4 Tome of Craft: Stonemasonry
+3 Tome of Craft: Trapmaking
+4 Tome of Craft: Trapmaking
Wand of Burning Hands CL6
Wand of Burning Hands CL7
Wand of Burning Hands CL8
Wand of Burning Hands CL9
Wand of Burning Hands CL10
Masterwork Storm Tears Buckler
+1 Storm Tears Buckler
Masterwork Targath Buckler
+1 Targath Buckler
Masterwork Vermeil Buckler
+1 Vermeil Buckler
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3 Responses to “Gold”

  1. Camber says:

    This page needs to display the rate, as the copper page does (“For those willing to support my efforts, here you can buy copper. $1 will get you 100 copper.”)
    I believe the rate is $25 for 100 gold. You might also consider allowing purchases in smaller increments. If it would mess up your accounting to have a $5 option for each (i.e., if dollar amount is how you track what was purchased), there could still be other options, such as $2 for 40 silver, $3 for 12 gold, and $10 for 8 platinum, etc.

  2. Kaote says:

    Gold: Large business in a city, 5 acres near a small town, 1 acre near a city

  3. Kaote says:

    Name a small shrine not connected to a local temple
    Name a local thorp
    Name a local hamlet
    Name a local village
    Name a local abbey, monastery, or convent
    Name a local criminal gang
    Name a local manor
    Name a local keep or stronghold
    Name a local mine
    Name a local natural wonder or formation
    Name a local forest or marsh

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