This is the third version of my trial experiment in learning to make fairly simple games. Defeat it and you will get a code that will net you 30 tokens.

This has been scanned with Avast Antivirus.
Pay very close attention to the install location, as the installer does not seem to provide a shortcut.

Be sure to leave comments BELOW with some suggestions or ideas so I can get a feel for what is wanted for the next version I will make in a few days. Having the comments below is important so I have them all in one place instead of having to check emails, PMs, discord, and beyond to find scattered commentary. Of course, as soon as I release the next version I am turning off comments.

Controls are as follows:
Arrow keys, operate in the direction they indicate.
Enter key is used for activating or confirming a selection
Escape key brings up menus.


You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed.

2 Responses to “v0003”

  1. Zavi says:

    At the moment, haven’t beaten the game yet – here’s what’s stopping me:

    The Troll – AKA, the Difficulty Spike
    The initial enemy group (3 bats, 4 Carrion Crawlers?) is not hard to beat in the slightest – just tedious, as heroes deal very little damage to them, even after they’re armed with Clubs (Which is apparently the only weapon they can use)
    Come Floor 2 and Troll + 4 Eyes – it’s a TPK. The Troll deals damage in the mid-hundreds, which is just enough to One-Hit or Two-Hit a character out of existence.

    The Equipment – as mentioned, clubs are the only piece of equipment that can be used – and they don’t do a lot. The party has to wade into the first battle and beat the vermin with their own fists before those can be bought. An initial fund would help with that, as would some weapon variance.
    There is no armour merchant, only weapons and consumables.

    The Abilities – RPGMaker games usually give the characters some form of special attacks – be it magic or physical techniques. Currently only Rauva has a spell, which heals ~30 HP – which is not a lot.

    Other complaints: Lack of music – even something simple for moving around would be nice – and combat music wouldn’t be unwelcome

    Portraits don’t match the combat sprites.

    • Zavi says:

      Items don’t work at all. Bought a bunch of potions, hi-potions and such – when I try to use them in menu I get a Negative sound and nothing happens. When I try to use them mid-battle, the animation plays, the item is consumed and nothing happens

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