Your current Silver balance is

  1. #1 Tessa 157
  2. #2 Kaote 115
  3. #3 Sanctus 93
  4. #4 Loki 55
  5. #5 Kana 40
  6. #6 Zavi 25
  7. #7 Tracey 2

For those willing to support my efforts, here you can buy silver. $5 will get you 100 silver.

Here you have it. The table where you can spend your Silver to have a greater influence and get greater rewards. Silver is earned from rolls on the Copper table. Each time you wish to roll here on the copper table it will cost you 10 Silver. You can see your Silver above here.

11 Gold
21d4+1 Gold
4Create a prominent aristocrat in the area of Outport1 Gold
5Create a saint from Outport1 Gold
6create a myth local to Outport
7Create a natural hazard near Outport
8Create a natural hazard near Outport
9Masterwork Fluidstone Buckler
10Kaorti Buckler
11Masterwork Kaorti Buckler
12Masterwork Living Metal Buckler
13+3 Tome of Animal Empathy
14+3 Tome of Appraise
15+4 Tome of Appraise
16+4 Tome of Bluff
17+4 Tome of Autohypnosis
18+3 Tome of Balance
19+4 Tome of Balance
20Create a minor wondrous item to be spawned in a location of your choice
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