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  1. Loki says:

    The Awakening of the 13th child.doc

    Faust awoke in a dim lit chamber on the 13th hour of the 13th day after the Great Change.

    Faust slowly stood up and stretched as his eyes tried to adjust to the dim light. Scanning around the chamber he noticed that there was not much he could see from his current position. He also noticed that he was on top of an altar of some kind, and quickly jumped down. The stone floor of the chamber was cold under Faust’s bare feet and it chilled him to the bone. It was at this time that he noticed he was completely naked.

    Cold and confused Faust slowly and cautiously searched for something to put on as well as a way out. His search was not in vain, but then again it didn’t yield a great deal either. After looking through the altar chamber and three smaller rooms he had managed to find a few mismatched pieces of armor, an old hand axe, and a few other miscellaneous items. Now fully clothed he felt a bit better, and continued to look for a way out of this dark and eerie structure.

    North, East, North, West, and North he walked, and he walked until his feet were sore. Finally he rounded a corner and saw a light up ahead. Thinking he was finally out, he ran into what was only a very brightly lit chamber. Faust got very frustrated by this turn of events, but not for long as he was suddenly overwhelmed by an “Unknown” presence. He could feel something was VERY WRONG, but was totally powerless against this seen force. As the force permeated every part of Faust’s body, he could do nothing but tremble in fear soon even that was beyond him. Then there was only darkness as a human body and mind can only take some much and has its limitations.

    When Faust woke up the “Unknown” was gone leaving the room as dark as the others. Faust picked his now sore body off the floor and looked around for the exit to the room he now occupied. That is when he heard something, but NO he didn’t hear it he sensed something to his west. With that Faust began to walk westward.

  2. Loki says:

    Stormbringer Melnibonean
    The History of Selene

    Selene was born in a poor family to the South of the Dharzi city of —–. Both of her parents were servants in a temple devoted to —– the Lord of —-. It was the crowning joy of the small town they lived in. They eked a meager living and had to go without any luxuries more often then not. Going to bed hungry, and not having suitable clothing was common for Selene. Her only joy was that when her parents went to work at the temple she was allowed to freely roam the grounds. Selene through the years over heard many secrets of the temple. It was commonplace for the monks to dismiss her present when they would perform secret prayers to the various Lords. Even the High Adepts of the temple allowed this seemingly ignorant child to observe their mystical summonings. The people of the temple basically thought, “ Who would believe the words of such an ignorant, and poor child”.

    Who would indeed believe such words of a child such as she? The imagination of a child is without limit, and a poor child has nothing but their imagination. The temple was firm in the belief that it was safe for her to watch them, but no one truly know where or how this belief came into existence. Little did they all now that this ignorant seeming child was as intelligent as any of them, and far more cunning. Locked away in her tiny mind was secret after secret of what she had seen and heard. Many others would have been killed for knowing a fraction of what this one child held.

    Selene’s life took a drastic change when she was about seven years of age. As she walked home from the temple with her parents Luna (mother), and Apis (father) tragedy struck. Luna, was hit by a runaway carriage, and lay near death by the roadside. Apis pleaded for help, but no one stopped to help the three poor individuals. Luna died from her injures and Apis was in a state of shock at what had happened to his small little family. Selene in a fit of unbridled rage, and unimaginable vengeance preformed a summoning that she had pieced together from what she had learned at the temple. The summoning was a disaster for although Selene had great knowledge, and even greater potential she had no hands on knowledge. By all accounts the summoning should have failed, or even blown up in her face. However, many of the Lords thrive on hate, and love pain, and they answered this child’s pitiful please. In a fury of magic the entire town was stricken with a powerful malediction. It took the combined might of the three High Adepts of the temple to prevent the spread of this dread summoning. Even they could not save all the people many died, but many did also live. However, they were shocked and horrified that this youth had unleashed such raw power even if it wasn’t fully controlled. It was decided that Selene was some form of conduit for power. Though she didn’t have any sizable power she could channel the power of things that did. This was to dangerous to be the play thing of some mere child. On the stroke of midnight, roughly 3 weeks after Selene had unleashed her summoning of rage, a great invocation was enacted. The monks, acolytes, adepts, and the high adepts of the temple joined together in a powerful invocation and trapped Selene between several planes of reality.

    Unable to cast a summoning, and doubtful it work without something to gain for the Lords she would try to call on she was stuck to wandered the world as a ghost. Honor, humility, patience, and spirituality were just a few of the thing she would learn over her centuries of wandering. She grow mentally and spiritually as well, and even learned knowledge ranging from geography to magic. An though she learned much over the centuries she grew increasingly bored of just existing to do nothing..

    But recently with the Dharzi and Melnibone war the spell has been broken, and she once more walks this plane.

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