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Comment here on this page if there is something you think I need to do. Some flaw on the website that needs fixed. Something I keep putting off. Or just some suggested reading I should do, something I should watch, or A game I should play. Business and pleasure mix on this page.

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  1. Kaote says:

    NPCs by Drew Hayes. Rough start, but gets good quickly.
    The Everything Box by Richard Kadrey – it made me chuckle a lot

  2. Kaote says:

    Old list:

    This is my reading list. Since I only have net a few hours a day then end up spending most of my time at home with no power I have been reading more often. As such I have been scouring the net, facebook, friends, and various other social interactions that begin with F for reading suggestions.

    Dresden Files

    Of Crowns and Glory

    Good Omens

    The Ocean at the End of the Lane

    American Gods

    Rivers of London(Midnight Riot)

    Darker Shade of Magic

    Shannara Series, Chronologically

    1980s Omega Men


    The House of SPirits

    Dust Returned

    The Inheritance Series

    The Dwarves

    This was my reading list. But I have decided to convert it into my total To-Do list and let others comment and suggest what should go here. That did not go as planned since the comment tool I used to use is now broken. So, I am seeking another. Woops.

    • Loki says:

      Norse Mythology, as well as all other mythos is very interesting. I’ve been reading mythology as long as I’ve been able to read. LoL. The ideas and concepts you can gather from such information is endless. I cant wait to have a full discussion on here about mythology.

  3. Kaote says:

    I’d recommend the Stormlight Archives, by Brandon Sanderson. Currently book 3 is out. Ten planned, iirc. Excellent epic fantasy.

  4. Kaote says:

    The Inheritance Series is good, I Recommend you get on that!

  5. Kaote says:

    Book series to get on this site:
    Dark Sun
    Forgotten Realms

    • Loki says:

      From playing the games as I’ve only red scattered books.

      I loved playing DragonLance even though the world is created with a few limitations that are exclusive to them only. SpellJammer was a bit… interesting… and can turn into a wtf are we doing really quickly. Never played Planescape. Looking at this list makes me think I need to find another good book series.

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